AIM FOUNDATION (Aim for Education & Social Development)


(Aim for Education and Social Development)
Application No. : 202000739076121 
Registration No. : 2750 
Date of Establishment :- 03-November-2020


Name of Bank : HDFC BANK LTD.

Branch : Dilshad Garden

Account No. : 50200054525447

IFSC No. : HDFC0001667


1. To provide a forum to its members for voluntary work of social and cultural nature for improving the quality of life of people.
2. To develop philanthropic societies in the region.
3. To organize activities for physical fitness and better health of woman, children and senior citizens.
4. To arrange and manage the training institution in Typing Short-Hand, Computer information technology, Beautician, Fine Arts, Crafts, Music, Painting, Modeling, Culling and Tailoring, Yoga, Physical Educational and other social activities of Awareness Programs, Adult Education, Classes, Lecture, Essay Competitions, Exhibitions, Symposium, Cultural Programs, Press Conference and Seminars.
5. To provide food grains, pulses, vegetables, fruits and food products to poor and needy people at lower prices comparatively available in market. To reduce food wastage and available it to poor people.  
6. To educate the entire community regarding the importance of KURAN and Other Holy Books etc.

7. To provide sound education to children of all communities irrespective of their race, cast or creed in general and to prepare them to become mature and responsible citizens of the country through the all round physical, intellectual, academic, mental and spiritual development bases on values derived the life.

and much more....


Management of the Aim Foundation ( Aim for education and social development )


Chairman :  Er. Mohd Sharif 


Managing Trustee :  Mohd Afjal  

 Managing Trustee : Aman



President: Riyajuddin

Vice President (Project) : Khurshid Alam

Vice President (Event) : Rashid

Vice President (Marketing) : Mohd. Khalil

Secretary : Moshin

Joint Secretary : Chaudhary Sabir Ali

Treasurer : Afsana Alvi

Joint Treasurer : Aasma

Project Manager : Iqbal Alvi

Project Manager : Mohd Afroj

Event Manager : Mohd Javed

Team Manager : Salman

Marketing Manager : Gaurav Sharma

Project Coordinator : Rizwan Khan

Digital Marketing Assistant : Mohd Sameer

Digital Marketing Assistant : Mohd Amaan

Digital Marketing Assistant : Mohd Arman

Coordinator : Muskan

Coordinator : Sneha Fiza

Coordinator : Khushi

Coordinator : Aafiya

Members : Ayesha

Members : Shumaila

Members : Gulnaz

Members : Rani

Members : Laiba

Head Office : A -310 Jawahar Park , Sahibabad Ghaziabad UP 201006

Contact : 


Mob: 8750387081, 8929599250




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